Millimetrica, over more than 15 years, has designed a significant number of  RF & Microwave modules, assemblies and sub-assemblies on demand. Find below a list of some project and background.

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  • Antenna standard (collapsible LOGs) and special design
  • Broad band noise sources (white noise) up to 12 GHz
  • Custom optelectronic systems
  • Frequency Preselectors for  L / S band with remote filters bank control
  • Frequency Preselectors with tunable filters (YIG)
  • Frequency Up/Down converters
  • High power broad band amplifiers for test & measurement application
  • High power, ultra broadband, low insertion loss directional couplers
  • GPS antennas and L band distribution systems
  • Low Noise/ High IP3 amplifiers
  • Special controllers and power supply for RF devices
  • Special BIAS TEEs on demand

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