Millimetrica has experiences in drivers and high power amplifier design for broadband coverage. This products are typically used for EMC, semiconductors testing, physic researches and other general purpose applications.
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MIL SSPA 00206 -20 (EX MIL 0408-20/10)

higpow broadampl
Main Specifications
Frequency range: 20 MHz -6 GHz 20 MHz -6 GHz
Power: 15 to20W  CW 15 to20W  CW
Gain: 35 to 40 dB 35 to 40 dB
Connectors NN precision female
Case 3 U high 19" st. rack mount
Cooling Air cooled
Prime power 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Options GPIB interface
LCD touch screen controller
Integrated power meter